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Who am I

I am Ans Corbee and I live now in Holland, but I have lived in Australia for 15 years, therefore my interest in the English language. I can accept myself for the person I am,

and I do not have to be perfect. I have a handicap I am dyslectic. I could not remember things very well; therefore I had to write everything down. That is where my writhing

I know now that this had a reason, I had to write down everything for myself, and this has become my biggest hobby.

I have done different workshops after my completion of my Reiki Master Teaching degree, like the Merkaba Light Workshop and the Dimensional Healing Workshop.

They were all very helpful for my further spiritual path. Also my own life has been one big learning process, I still keep learning every day.

I do get some beautiful compliments about my website and I am very proud of that. They say, you must have a high IQ, but this is not true; I have a high SQ Spiritual wisdom.

SQ spirituality is seated in our own Gods-Awareness.

I feel and know things and that has nothing to do with my brain, because my brain cannot understand or feel about the "beliefs" from my own Higher Self awareness.

It is an inner hearing and inner knowing, we all can activate this if we belief & trust our inner selves. I know that I receive help from my own Higher SELF Andrea and I did get

elp from above. Therefore I am very humble to be able to receive all these beautiful spiritual informations.

I hope you will find what you are looking for on my website:



This is a drawing of my own "Higher Self" that Wanda from Australia

made in a meditation and this was a very special experience for me.