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Personal message from Ans Corbee

I write this personal message, because I know that there are articles from me published on other websites. I  have made adjustments  to some articles and some articles I took off my site, because I know now that these articles where not complete.
Therefore, always check with the original articles, becauseI could have changed things in it and I had to let you know.


Many years ago after I had completed all my Reiki Initiations, I started to write about spirituality and I have grown a lot since then.

I understand  now what SQ spiritual wisdom is, it is the word of God seated  in our own God Awareness. I do understand so much more now

and we surely need our own TRUTH – Awareness seated in us and ask always for the truth and you will get the SQ Truth. This was the only

way how I could write about SQ spirituality, or I could not write about it.


My own Higher Self Andrea helps my with everything and therefore I activate more and more Awareness and information.

I know now you will get the truth if your own Spirit conscious IS clean and this is our own EGO, then you can get the truth from your Own TRUTH Awareness and anybody can be connected to it, if your own EGO is in balance.


I do not mind if you copy any of my articles, but make sure to check First the original articles before you publish an article or take an article from another website.


I also want to THANK everybody for the wonderful photos by all the articles, I do not know from whom these photos are, they give my articles an extra Dimension.


Greetings from Ans Corbee