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General Conditions
General Conditions

Article 1. Definition
In these general terms, the following Terms are defined:
• Spiritualwisdom.nl: Spiritualwisdom.nl, located at Astronautenweg 328, 1622 DW, Hoorn, The Netherlands.
• The Customer: a person or persons, or a company that makes use of offers and/or services of Spiritualwisdom.nl and in this way enter into an agreement with Spiritualwisdom.nl.

Article 2. Application
These general terms and conditions apply to all offers and agreements between Spiritualwisdom.nl and the customer. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the provisions of the General conditions shall be deemed to be accepted by the parties concerned.

Article 3. Agreements
All agreements are subject to confirmation and not binding unless confirmed by Spiritualwisdom.nl.

Article 4. Force Majeure
When by force majeure Spiritualwisdon.nl cannot provide in accordance with the agreement Spiritualwisdo.nl must inform the customer as soon as possible. Spiritualwisdom.nl safeguards itself from any form of compensation. Force majeure shall mean, extreme weather conditions, measures of the Government concerning accessibility of receiver, storing on the internet (servers), telephone connections, striking by postal departments etc. Spiritualwisdom.nl can in case of force majeure after consultation with the customer – withdraw from the agreement, up to the time when the force majeure ceases to exist.

Article 5. Payment
1. Customer can make payments in the following way:
Payment in advance or by internet banking to the bank designated in the confirmation or by cash payment

Article 6. Cancellation
Customer has the right to cancel the agreement within 24 hours after placing it without extra costs.

Article 7. Complaints
1. Complaints relating to the delivered services must be reported directly after observation or in any case within 24 hours after receipt, by phone or email to Spiritualwisdom.nl.
2. Defects in a part of the services provided, give the customer does not have the right to censure of the entire service provided.

Article 8. Personal Data
1. Spiritualwisdom.nl shall handle all customer information confidential.
2. Spiritualwisdom.nl shall not sell or hand over customer information to third parties without explicit approval of the customer.
3. Our privacy statement applies.

Article 9. Applicable law/disputes
All agreements, general conditions made between Spiritualwisdom.nl and the Customer are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

Article 10. Other
Spiritualwisdom.nl may revise the terms and conditions without prior notice. The terms as published on www.spiritualwisdom.nl are the most recent. The General conditions applicable to the website at the time of the conclusion of the agreement by amending the General conditions in the agreement still apply.